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Many of us buy furniture to solve a practical problem. When your book collection has finally grown too big for that old shelf, or you need a functional cabinet to help declutter your home. Then there are times when we fall for a piece of furniture simply because it is attractive, perfectly matches the carpet in the lounge, or compliments the style of the room. Beauty is just as important as function in today’s challenging world.

Use your senses

At Ringvide, we create furniture that is not just practically useful but also designed with aesthetics in mind. Furniture that is tactile, where you cannot help but run your fingers across the surfaces or corners as you pass by. Furniture that boasts a satisfying sound, as you close the door or push back the drawer. Even those that offer their own special scent from the quality natural materials we use.

Objects to live with

But we also want the objects we design and manufacture to convey something more, in addition to the sensibly practical, the stunningly beautiful, the infectiously tactile, or the subtle aromas and acoustic signatures. One would never consider disposing of treasured personal items, simply because they did not match the new wallpaper or clashed with the style of the room. In the same way, we want our cabinets, shelves and all other Ringvide creations to move into your home, stay, and continue to be involved in your family history.


We craft our furniture not only to store items in, but also in the hope that they will create and hold memories.You may be wondering how, exactly, do we manage to incorporate this permeating quality into everything we do? Well, the truth is we don’t really know ourselves. Our entire process - from the first creative draft, through to material selection, bespoke design, onto the finished, fine-tuned, signed, numbered and delivered product – is a collective effort that, ultimately, combines to create something with a soul.

Let the story begin

Creating with care and passion, we build products to last and there is no more sustainable piece of furniture than an item that boasts quality materials and craftsmanship, along with a unique character that will only help preserve its high value. We simply offer a preface to the fascinating history of our furniture. The rest of the job is yours. How the Ringvide items you choose will add to and enrich your lives, only you know - because you are the author.


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