Individ table
Individ table
Individ table
Individ table

Individ table

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Individ- table 

The tree is felled, divided, cut, and split into planks for drying. The plank is then divided, cut, and split into smaller pieces, mixed haphazardly to form an anonymous material with slight variations.

With the concept of "Individ," we cut through the usual procedure, where the design dictates the material, and retain more of the plank and tree's individual expressions. Instead, we allow the tree's organic shapes and structures full rein. Each plank retains its imperfections and details, and with straight cuts and "folds," furniture is created where the plank's original expression is articulated with precision. Thus, every table, stool, shelf, or chair in the Individ series becomes unique.

Individ is not just a concept for unique design but also a step towards sustainability. We use local materials from diseased ash trees, elms, and trees felled by storms. Every piece of furniture in the Individ series thus has a connection to its origin, carrying the story from the forest to your home. Through this method, materials that otherwise would have been turned into chips get a new life in furniture. From a sustainability perspective, this is optimal.

Individ is more than just furniture – it's an interaction between the carpenter's creativity and reflection in consultation with the designer and the customer. By reducing the design to a few construction principles and allowing the material's expression to take center stage, we open up for an artistic process where each piece of furniture becomes a result of dialogue and collaboration.

The Individ series is technically challenging, where larger pieces of wood require careful selection of lumber and dimensions to tame their movements. With custom-made angles of plywood, the objects gain strength and uniformity. What seems simple is often technically challenging, and in the case of Individ, the execution becomes an art form where the treasures from the wood bloom in their full glory.

The Individ series is not just furniture; it's a journey from the tree's forest to your home, where each piece carries its unique imprint and tells a story of sustainability, collaboration, and beauty.

Browsing through a stack of boards becomes much more interesting if the treasures are allowed to bloom in their full glory.

Dimensions - Varies depending on the material but let us know about your ideal dimensions so that we can arrange the perfect piece for your home. 

The tables pictured here have these dimensions: L210 x D80 x H75,5 cm 

Materials - Ash, Elm, Oak, or Pine. Natural oil. Finish - Natural or pigmented natural oil.

The tables pictured here are made in solid ash wood with natural oil and a pigmented oil  (blue)

The delivery time between ordering and delivering furniture from Ringvide is normally 10-12 weeks.

We offer free shipping within Sweden. Carrying aid, assembly and removal of packaging are not included. 

We ship worldwide and the price will be calculated to you in the check out process. You may be imposed to pay import duties and/or taxes according to national laws when your order arrives. We are not able to predict these import costs for your chosen country. 

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